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Hishigami wrapping practice


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Japanese national Ikebana master 珠寶花士 didn’t have a job until she was 30. After the 1998 Kobe earthquake, she met her mentor 岡田幸三. Since then, her lifestyle changed radically. She has been wearing only plain clothes, almost isolating herself from the outside world. For ten years, she worked in Ginkaku-ji. Every day she arranged flowers and presented them to Buddha, living her life as a hermit.

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WAZA STUDY: Men & Kote Waza


Takanabe Sensei's Men Waza

Masahiro Miyazaki's Kote Waza

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Chinese blacksmith

Circa 1900

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Startling Rainbow Sword Art

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From East to West


Photos bt CCB & TPG
iPhone 7 & 5
Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic ocean 

Iaido. Basic movements

Spain 1930-1940

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Sharpest rice and jello kitchen knifes in the world

匡常修 Kuāng Chángxiū

匡常修 Kuāng Chángxiū (1905-1993) show 武当玄功拳 Wǔdāng xuángōngquán = sequence of mysterious ability  fists

Cleaning Samurai Soldiers

Modern Samurai Soldiers in Japan Are Using Their Sword Skills to Pick Up Trash

Recently, people in Japan have been coming up with clever new ways to bring age-old customs into the modern age. In addition to products like the ice cream katana and minimalist kimonos, this trend has also inspired Isse Ichidai Jidaigumi (“Once in a lifetime, on a big bet”), a one-of-a-kind club that reimagines samurai sword skills as a theatrical means to pick up trash.
Each member of this unique group is fittingly dressed in an old-meets-new outfit: a traditional Japanese robe and a modern trilby hat. While clad in these eye-catching ensembles, Isse Ichidai Jidaigumi members roam around Tokyo and Hokkaido, stopping only to simultaneously show off their sword skills while collecting garbage.
Employing the arcs, swings, and slashing motions characteristic of traditional samurai techniques, Isse Ichidai Jidaigumi members use tongs to gather the litter. The trash is then placed into a basket, which is usually carried on one person's back.
In addition to these street-based spectacles, club members also showcase their sword skills—as well as their singing talents and dancing abilities—at various events. One branch of the traveling troop of environmentally-conscious Samurais has even reportedly recorded an album, featuring a surefire hit titled “Trash Time.”

Hand made: Comment faire du papier ninja couteau lame kusarigama Origami