lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2015

Death Star Aichi

With Star Wars once again all the rage, it’s probably a good chance to remember that Star Wars and Samurai have a lot in common!

The movie Star Wars was based on the Kurosawa Akira flick, the Hidden Fortress, and the scene change “wipes” were a device used by the samurai movie’s director. The clothes Luke first wore on Tattooine were based on karate wear, the Jedi fashions matched those of the samurai, even Darth Vader’s helmet was based on the samurai’s Zunari Kabuto helmet. The light-saber duels are reminiscent of the samurai katana sword fights. Yoda’s name came from that of a Japanese friend of George Lucas, a Mr. Yoda, and the word Jedi comes from the name for samurai period dramas, Jidai-geki… Jidai became Jedi…and the rest is history.

There’s a Death Star in the center of Aichi Prefecture’s capital, Nagoya! Well, it LOOKS like the Death Star from Star Wars, or one of those Trade Federation ships from Episode 3 has descended onto Nagoya City’s Shirakawa Koen Park! And in fact the Stars are on the inside!!! 

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