lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Enshin traditional japanese old martial art school

Kôden Enshin ryu Ken-Pô (old traditional sword art of Enshin school)
and Honmon Enshin school Iaijutsu
This one of the 16th oldest traditional japanese martial art school officially registred by Japanese governement.

Einshin ryu came from Sengoku feudal period 

Honmon Einshin style came from Edo period & changed the praticing with a shorter sword from Odachi to Katana...

Soke ( by legacy, not founder) Tanaka Fumon is the great master of many old martial schools & (for me) his daughter master Tanaka Midori is BUJIN 武神 (budo-no-megami 武女神).

Soke Tanaka is Nô-kagaku master too...

Speed, precision, rythm, fluidity are following these old japanese warrior traditions over centuries...

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