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A human is like a horse cart. There is the chariot that holds the coachman, the horse that drives the chariot and the coachman himself, whom directs the whole vehicle on his chosen path.
Under the ideal conditions, the cart should be directed by the coachman, but in reality it is directed by the horse; and as such, it is disconnected from the true heart and intention of the coachman.
In Xiao Yao
 Pai, by cultivating the Dao (Xiu Dao); through our schools art; Dao Yin Shu, we develop wisdom and common sense (Wu), with the purpose of activating the 'coachman' so we can express our true nature directly into the world.
When we meditate, the reason we do not entertain the mind is so as to prevent it from being enabled or activated. The result of this method is that the energy of our attention and will, is diverted from the ceaseless activity of the mind and turned inwards to the inner heart to "awaken" the coachman. This is called turning the light around to illumine the heart and awaken to our original nature.
When the mind anew, becomes subordinated to the inner heart, it is as though an emperor displaced from his throne, reclaims his position as the highest ruler of his empire.
In this parable, the horse is the acquired post-birth mind (ego).

This is the difference between the pre-birth mind which has always existed that is your undying and eternal identity; your true face - and the temporary mind that forms after your physical body is delivered from your mothers' womb. While the latter, being of the body, perishes with the death of the same body that created it, the former is never born and never dies. It has been the "nameless you" through all your lives and carries in itself every combined experience you have ever had, from this life and all others before it. Try to fathom for a minute, the magnificence of what you could be with all the knowledge and wisdom of a thousand live's experiences at your finger tips, and compare that to the relative dullness of what you have learned till date from your current life, yet unfinished.

The post-birth mind is the cognitive complex that forms as we begin to absorb different streams of information from our external world through our body's five senses; namely - seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting and smelling. Like 5 rivers of information, the senses stream into the empty cavity that holds our mind and pool into a vast and heavy sea of fractured knowing. A sea of ideas, beliefs, customs, traditions and indoctrination.
The true nature of the child's mind is pure like that of a pristine crystal and tranquil like a pond without ripples. In its clarity, it sees all things and in it's stillness it understands them in all their depth. It is yet free of the concept of Yin and Yang (Taiji), which separates the united whole (Wuji) into the dichotomy of physical existence. The black and the white. The high and the low. The great and the small. The beautiful and the ugly. These are all instruments of discriminative thought.
So how do we do away with all this cognitive pollution? How do we pacify the acquired mind so that the original mind can shine forth in full force and we can express the entire essence of our eternal being and not just the fractional personality we have created in this life? How do we awaken and manifest our true nature into the world so we can become spectacular creators and sophisticated engineers of our reality?
By directing our attention from the horse (acquired mind) to the coachman (original mind) by way of our intention, attention and will.

Q: I'm afraid that if I meditate, I will lose my acquired self or my identity. I want to develop my spirit but I'm scared that I will lose my personality in the process.
A: This is understandable, and also a common misconception. When we shift our focus from the acquired mind to the original mind, what happens is not that the acquired personality layers around the core, melt off or disappear, on the contrary, they remain in place, but the redirected focus like a laser, begins to heat up the core so that it becomes hotter and hotter. The heat and vapour created from this, then moves outward into the layers and begins to purify and clean them transforming their quality from negative to positive. So, the layers become light and pure and their resistance begins to disappear; as such, when the original mind radiates its spiritual light from the core, it fires out into the world in full force, completely unabridged and without interruption, because the quality of the layers have changed from an active resistor to a superconductor through which the original mind can conduct and express itself undisturbed by acquired beliefs, dogmas, or fears or any negative aspects that have been accumulated by the acquired mind since birth.

During this process of transformation, the acquired layers of the mind transmute as such:

Anger and frustration turn into kindness.
Hate and impatience turn into love.
Anxiety and worry turn into fairness and justice.
Sadness and depression turn into courage and righteousness.
You will find that there are many schools today which are based on dogma and beliefs. They have a plethora of teachings and tons of literature and books that you have to read to absorb their philosophy, but this also "forms" their mind, shaping it into the very structure of the philosophy. So rather than helping you to re-mind yourself into your formless state, you're being formed into an image of their institution. Every philosophy has a form and If you tune your mind to it, you will "lock" yourself to the frequency of that level of thought, and you will not be able to move beyond. Now, while one type of frequency of thinking can be better than an other, it is still limiting, because the ultimate Dao has no form. The highest way has no way at all.

In spiritual Daoist teaching we have no dogma or prohibition. This is a tool to make the 'horse' weak and to cut the roots of the acquired mind. When the racing horse mind is weak and deprived of unsubstantiated beliefs and faith, then it becomes pacified. When it is pacified, it is easier to not pay attention to it. When it's easier to ignore it, it becomes easier to keep your focus on stillness. When it's easier to keep your focus on stillness, cultivating the Dao becomes effortless. When the Dao can be cultivated without effort, the you have touched upon the highest way.

And finally, I'll leave you with a favourite quote of mine by Laozi.

To attain knowledge, add things everyday.
To attain wisdom, remove things everyday.

Taken from Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Taoism

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