domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Wu Shan Flow work: Flow work used as an alternative to Tai Chi or meditation

Meditation is a word with a very wide meaning,   I do not sit in a lotus position meditating, I meditate when im multi dimensionally viewing looking at other realms of dimensions that share the same space as us in the 3D world, im meditating then, im not in a cross legged kinda position humming or something, im dimensionally viewing
Sometimes one could call meditation contemplation, sometimes i meditate and view all the variable timelines of possible outcomes to any given situation pre action as a moment of self council, Meditation has a very wide meaning, However meditation also helps to cure physical ailments, Now we use flow work to cure self as our alternative to Tai Chi example yesterday i had a severe migraine so i went outside in my garden and done my flow work, after half hour to an hour it went due to me doing flow work, I know flow work is the answer even though sometimes i find it hard to push myself to do it if im feeling rotten, For some reason it actually helps me recover everytime i feel bad, The recognisable commonality is the flow of energy movement and mind to heal self, very very similar to Tai Chi in concept and it works, Wu Shan did not discover this, only for self within our own system of combative sword as Eastern martial arts have their own forms of similar concept within many of their styles and systems also, In short if you feel ill or headache or need balancing and just need clarity of mind to think, go and flow , push yourself out there, and flow you will find you feel better after, its not a wonder cure for all things, but it is daily support for the daily hindrances and low energy vibrations that your physical self may be suffering 

Published in A.W.A.  by Paul Joseph Wu Ming

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