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The truth of Ninja

In old days,when Japan had been separated in many countries,the professional spies,who stole secrets of enemies,were Ninjas. A person who uses Ninjutsu is a ninja. Ninjutsu is not a martial art. Ninjutsu is an independent art of warfare that developed mainly in the regions of Iga in Mie Prefecture, and Koka in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.
What kind of job ninja were doing?
Most people imagine that ninjas flew through the sky and disappeared, like Superman, waving ninja swords around, sneaking into the enemy ranks and assassinating generals… This is a mistaken image of the ninja introduced by movies and comic books.
The jobs of a ninja are divided into the two main categories of performing espionage and strategy. The methodology for performing espionage and strategy is Ninjutsu. Espionage is similar to the job of modern spies, wherein one carefully gathers intelligence about the enemy and analyzes its military strength.

Strategic activities are skills that reduce the enemy’s military power. Ninja did not fight strong enemies by themselves. Ninja fought enemies after they had reduced the enemies’ military power. In times of peace, Ninjutsu was called an art of “entering from afar”, while in times of war, Ninjutsu was called an art of “entering from “nearby”, wherein ninja would constantly gather intelligence concerning the enemy, thinking of ways to beat the enemy, but not fighting the enemy directly. Ninja who thought rationally thought of war by intellect as great, and war by military strength (weapons) as foolish. Therefore, ninja who swing their ninja swords about can be called the lowest of the ninja.
Ninja’s Special Food: The kind of food ninjas usually ate
Basically, ninjas had simple diets and they lived a life based on Eastern medicine, which indicated that ” food and medicine shared the same source “. This idea meant that “eating well made for a healthy constitution and kept sickness away”. If described in detail here, according to the principle of Eastern medicine, food that is colored black raises the body temperature of a man and makes him active. For that reason, a ninja ate a lot of black food like black sesames, unpolished rice, Chinese quinces and black soybeans. Ninjas also liked to eat quail’s eggs. This was a kind of word game.
Ninja’s ever-changing Costume
Generally, the most famous type of ninja’s outfit was like the one below, black cloth completely over their body, a black hood and black mask on his head, and wearing chainmail underneath.
The Social Status of Ninja
When talking about ninjas (忍者), what we should bear in mind is that ninjas were something quite different to the norm in every sense. For instance, a ninja’s way of fighting was based on sneak attacks. This was the biggest difference between ninjas and samurais. A Samurai was always demanded to be fair and square.

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