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What should be your behavior in The Dojo?

A dojo is a place (jo) to practice the way (do) of martial arts. It is a space that allows us to set aside the stresses and concerns from the rest of our lives and to focus on our training. Please bring a heightened degree of awareness and respect with you into the dojo.

Some guidelines for ideal behaviour in the dojo are:

a) Always maintain an attitude of respect, compassion and thoughtfulness towards your training partners. Regardless of your level of experience, remember that there are important lessons to be learned from people who are senior and junior to you. If you maintain this attitude, aikido can be a safe and enjoyable practice for women and men of all ages and levels of physical strength

b) Please remove your shoes before entering the dojo and leave them on the racks outside the door. Also, please remove your hat before entering the dojo.

c) When entering or leaving the dojo, please give a standing bow towards the shomen (the front of the dojo). When stepping on or off the mat, it is also customary to kneel and bow towards the shaman.

d) Please make a habit of arriving to class on time. If you need to arrive late, bow to the shomen then sit in quietly in seiza (kneeling) at the side of the mat until the instructor invites you to join the class.

e) For the safety of yourself and others, please make a habit of keeping your fingernails and toenails trimmed, and keeping long hair tied back. Also, please remove all jewelry prior to practice.

f) Please do not bring food or drink into the dojo.

g) Do not leave anything behind that you brought into the dojo. If you see items that have been left by other users of our space, please take the initiative to help clean up. We should always leave the dojo at least as clean as when we enter it.

h) In training, it is customary for the more experienced partner to take the first turn as nage (the one who throws or executes the technique), while the less experienced partner acts as uke (the one who attacks or is thrown).

i) When the teacher is demonstrating or talking, sit quietly in seiza (kneeling) or cross-legged. Please do not lean against the wall or sit with your back turned on the shomen. When the teacher has finished demonstrating it is customary to bow.

j) Please keep talking during practice to a minimum.

k) If somebody new enters the dojo, they should be welcomed by a senior student, so that the instructor can maintain their focus on the class.

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